Lady Finger

Among humans, a lady is the favorite of all,
Especially when someone addresses his or her “Mummy”,
The same way, lady finger is the choice of all,
Especially if a kid is choosing for filling his or her tummy!

lady finger cartoon illustration by sneha: A lady-like Lady finger is walking the ramp of a beautiful farm in spotlight of sun raises
Lady Finger
Illustration: A lady-like Lady finger is walking the ramp of a beautiful farm in spotlight of sun raises!

Lady Finger

It’s picnic, main course, ordinary dinner or lunch box,
Lady finger is one of the most preferred options,
Yes, she always rocks!

When it’s about giving the preference,
And the choices are available…

You talk about a queue for some safety purpose,
Or going to offer a seat when the situation is rigorous,
It’s about proffering an advice, help or opinion,
Or the matter is quenching the thirst,
There is a famous dialogue for all, which is,
“Ladies first”!
“Ladies first”!
“Ladies first”!

The Kids follow the same tagline,
When the other options with the lady finger are…
Peas, bottle gourd, and pumpkin in prime!

Well, why she gets a prior chance?
Why she is given preference?
Does she lack in any ability?
Or she possesses lesser in her kitty?

No she is not the weaker one,
She weighs a ton, you talk about…
Strength, talent, skills or intelligence!
Nor she is underprivileged,
She performs superbly with a vengeance!

She is nowhere behind, you give her whatever challenge…
Singing, sports, cooking or dance!
She has proved her in all, whenever given a chance!

Then why she is given the priority,
You go in whatsoever city?!
What is that where she is lacking?
Or it is done out of a feeling of pity?

It’s done because of her deeds and sacrifices!
It’s nothing but a gesture of respect,
And sometimes to make a good impact!

lady finger vegetable color palette illustration
Lady finger: color palette


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